Vision, technical leadership, and actionable insights.
 Collaboration from concept to product.


Apply our skills to bring your ideas to market.

Get solid tech strategy advice and direction.

Embed our knowledge within your team, or rely on our experts.

Improve your development process for rapid iteration.

Prepare for growth.


Project Flow

Objectives - clarity

Observations - research

Origination - concepts, plans

Outcomes - implement & assess

Hot Topics

Web analytics

Big Data & Graph Data

Deep Learning

Powerful web frameworks

Open Source

DevOps & Cloud deploy


Successful projects consider People, Process, Culture, and Technology. We mentor startups and established companies. Early engagement is key.

Stream Computing

As cloud applications grow, management of synchronous and asynchronous operations becomes more complex, while it it becomes more important to make the best use of compute resources.
We use stream computing to solve certain classes of problem partly for the benefits of reducing complexity, improving reliability (by being able to adapt to failures), and reducing hardware costs.

Deep Learning

Our team embraces Deep Learning as a solution for an emerging class of problems. We are currently working on medical applications.

Process Improvement

Clients benefit from our experience with the current paradigms for software product development. We have advised clients on on how to achieve high developer productivity for decades.
Improving decision-making early in product development, and reducing iteration time are essential for making customers happy.


We use Docker for CI/CD, testing, and deployment. It's a new technology emerging as a powerful tool for microservice architectures and general software development flows. We can help you build flows to accelerate your development.


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